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Holmby Hills has a long and glamorous history as a home to the Hollywood elite. Perched in the heart of Los Angeles’ Platinum Triangle, the stunning properties within Holmby Hills boast magnificent views across the city’s iconic skyscape, along with incredibly expansive luxury homes and some of the world’s most splendid architectural masterpieces.

With Beverly Hills bordering Holmby Hills to the east, homes here enjoy close proximity to the world-class shopping and Michelin-starred restaurants of Rodeo Drive. Sunset Boulevard runs through the center of the community, placing the neighborhood near of all LA’s most famous entertainment options. The Los Angeles Country Club is situated on Holmby Hills’ south, with a world-class historic golf course and refined clubhouse atmosphere.

But it’s the homes themselves that are the biggest attraction. These striking properties include some of the world’s most opulent residences, including the spectacular Spelling Manor and breathtaking Maison Du Soleil.

With the most expensive properties being valued at more than $200 million, Holmby Hills offers luxury and extravagance that few other places worldwide come close to matching.

Expect dozens of guest bedrooms within magnificent main residences that can extend to tens of thousands of square feet in size. The amenities and facilities within these properties is limited only by the human imagination. Holmby Hills’ homes offer everything from grandiose entertaining spaces to full-sized home movie theaters, fully-equipped gyms and beauty salons, outdoor tennis courts and indoor bowling alleys. Houses are adorned with lavish hallways leading to art-lined spiral staircases, enormous swimming pools, and wine cellars paired with accompanying tasting rooms.

It’s easy to see why Holmby Hills incredible location and spectacular lot sizes have long made it a favored place among the entertainment industry’s nobility. Walt Disney constructed his miniature railroad-flanked dream home here in the 1930s. Hugh Hefner’s legendary Playboy Mansion was situated within a gorgeous 1920’s Gothic-Tudor style property. Other names to have lived in Holmby Hills range from Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall to Jay-Z and Beyoncé, spanning countless international superstars and major power players from the worlds of music and film.

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