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In a city synonymous with fortune and fame, no neighborhood more perfectly encapsulates the opulence of Los Angeles at its most extravagant than Beverly Park.

Beverly Park is comprised by two gated communities, containing within them some of the most luxurious and expansive real estate in the world. The iconic 90210 zip code places Beverly Park within the Beverly Hills Post Office area, but this is a community that exceeds even the highest of expectations in terms of luxuriousness and exclusivity.

Beverly Park is Los Angeles’ wealthiest neighborhood. Its glittering array of superstar residents include movie stars Mark Wahlberg and Sylvester Stallone, along with international royals and billionaire entrepreneurs and investors.

Enormous multi-acre lots contain remarkable architectural masterpieces and an abundance of luxury amenities matched with custom design features. From orchards and grottoes to swimming pools and tennis courts, these properties are large enough to be considered self-contained communities. Within the luxury setting of a Beverly Park home, you can expect to find such amazing conveniences as full-sized home movie theaters, bowling alleys, spas, and state-of-the-art gyms and fitness facilities.

Each home here is unique, with superstar architects using Beverly Park’s incomparably large lots as a canvas to produce stunning custom designs spanning all manner of architectural styles. This incredibly exclusive community includes grand Mediterranean Villas, beautiful French Châteaus, and exquisite Moorish Manors. Many home owners take advantage of the vast lot sizes to design their own dream-home.

The separate communities of North and South Beverly Park boast both security and seclusion, with round-the-clock security teams and guarded entrance gates. With 64 homes in North Beverly Park and just 16 homes in South Beverly Park, this is an incredibly sought-after community that attracts residents seeking exclusivity.

This private oasis of luxury is conveniently situated high above Los Angeles, bordered to its east by the immense open space preserve of Franklin Canyon Park. Despite its unparalleled sense of seclusion, Mulholland Drive runs along Beverly Park’s northern edge, putting residents within easy reach of all Los Angeles’ endless entertainment, shopping, and dining options.

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