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Where LA’s year round temperate climate, world class concentration of glamour, fame, and fortune, Alphonzo Edward Bell, founder of Bel Air developed the largest neighborhood of the “Platinum Triangle”. At about six and a half square miles, loosely bordered by the Getty Museum and Sepulveda Blvd on the west, Mulholland along the north, Sunset Boulevard to the south, and Beverly Glen to the east - “Perhaps you too, may some day turn your back upon the clangor of steel on steel to establish your place of work in the hills where flows the air which God made to be breathed by Man in his image,” wrote Bell to sell his parcels.

In early 1924 the Bells took off for Europe staying more than three months and coming home inspired to name the streets of Bel Air after places they’d seen in Spain, Tuscany, and France. The extremes represented by Alphonzo Bell’s real estate acquisitions were expensive symbols of his at once pious and extravagant character.

In recent years properties have been selling to large home builders that have delivered ultra high end luxury homes with bowling alleys, multiple pools, grand public rooms and twenty thousand plus square feet of living space appropriately in the spirit of Bell. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Dr. Dre and Elon Musk are some of today’s residents. The median home value is three and a half million dollars.

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